What is the Lead Time required for mould making & sampling and supply ?

In general, the time required for mould making and first sample will be around 3 weeks time. Usually the supply will start within 2 weeks from the date of approval.

Can I get Hand Made Sample or Prototype before Final Mould ?

For any New Development, CAD drawing for approval will be given prior to mould making. Hand-made sample after confirmation of drawing can be prepared. However, it is made of any convenient material like Brass, zinc or Steel. Charge for Hand made sample will be required. The amount depends on the size and complexity of the item to be developed.

Is it possible to put Branding or Logo on the Existing Products ?

Yes. It is possible to put the branding or Logo on the existing product by Laser Marking. If Deep marking or Projection is required , than new mould has to be developed.

Can you reproduce any customer’s Product/ Fittings ?

If your Product / Fittings fall into our production line, we can reproduce my making a new mould. We may have to change the design little to suit our Production method. A CAD drawing with the amendment will be given for approval before mould making.

Can you supply Nickel Free Fittings?

Yes . We can supply Nickel Free fittings. However this has to to be specified when you are placing Enquiry / Purchase Order.

Does your Product comply with REACH / RoHS ?

We can make products as per REACH / RoHS specifications. This has to be specified when you are Placing Enquiry / Purchase Order.

What are the Raw Materials Used ?

Most of the products are made of Zinc Alloy ( Zamak 5 ). Some parts like hooks, Buckle Centre Pin and Rollers are made of Brass ( Lead Free ). The springs are made of spring Steel.

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